wickedly rich hot chocolates and other updates

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just a quick update of the last days…what i’ve seen, what impressed me, what i want to see again and why.

first, some of will’s photos from romania…

img_3236 img_3237

…beautiful, i know:)

and after that, my adventure began. leaving bucharest on the 14th, 4 or 5 hours delay on our flight(yay), a double espresso and driving andra and will mad. sorry guys. heathrow and noticing that my luggage lock had been changed. panicking and all that jazz. a call from the bank telling me i can’t get my money back(as me and technology don’t get along very well i paid for a train ticket three times without getting the ticket in the end) and another call, this time from the hotel, saying that there’s something wrong with my card. i had introduced a wrong expiry date by mistake. yes, i am that stupid.

moving on.

london, meeting louise and going to see an exhibition about andy warhol at the southbank centre. illustrations, short films, installations, photographs, quotes, of the exhibition(other voices, other rooms):

Dominique Gonzales-Foerster in Tate Modern

‘It rains incessantly in London – not a day, not an hour without rain, a deluge that has now lasted for years and changed the way people travel, their clothes, leisure activities, imagination and desires. They dream about infinitely dry deserts.

This continual watering has had a strange effect on urban sculptures. As well as erosion and rust, they have started to grow like giant, thirsty tropical plants, to become even more monumental. In order to hold this organic growth in check, it has been decided to store them in the Turbine Hall, surrounded by hundreds of bunks that shelter – day and night – refugees from the rain. […]’

_mg_8938 _mg_8949 _mg_8955

[V&A entrance]

_mg_8982 _mg_8981 _mg_8993

[Liverpool] – a lovely city

_mg_9009 _mg_9019 _mg_9023 _mg_9021

[a panoramic photo of the city has been split into 48 squares, each square  being handed to someone who had to draw what they saw]

_mg_9036 _mg_9053 _mg_9054 _mg_9074

[Philip Jones Griffiths – Recollections exhibition; less known studies of the Magnum photographer, famous for his iconic work on the Vietnam War; the exhibition covers photographs of the british life in the 50s, 60s and 70s with a separate section dedicated to his war photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson: “not since Goya has anyone portrayed war like Philip Jones Griffiths.”

Noam Chomsky: “If anybody in Washington had read that book, we wouldn’t have had these wars in Iraq or Afghanistan”.]

lon47612 nyc36065 nyc36085_new-3477 par106882

…followed by the Le Corbusier exhibition – or the reason why we went to liverpool in the first place. amazing exhibition, including models, drawings, paintings, sculptures, fragments from his sketchbooks and personal collections and furniture. the debate – villian or hero? – is still on. and yes,  i will take the ‘hero’ part just because he was ahead of his time and his principles are used everywhere even if we might not notice that. it doesn’t matter if some of his buildings leaked or if the people who lived there weren’t happy and moved out. it doesn’t matter if some(louise) think that he was a designer and not an architect…he changed the face of modern architecture and it’s amazing to see how under the same big umbrella(here the case of the modernism) flourished brilliant people in directions that had nothing in common – corb, gaudi, hundertwasser being just a few names…

but enough with the blabber, as my flu is subtly telling me it’s time for a nap. who cares about exams and assignments when you’ve got a serious excuse?

later edit: the flu made me forget about these last photos. biiig spider!

_mg_9086 _mg_90971 _mg_9103 _mg_9123


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