tales of mere existence

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2009 at 9:00 pm

‘so i saw this girl at a party the other night, and she was really really cute, and so i started wondering if she was someone who hated small talk, and didn’t hang out in bars, and wasn’t interested in playing games, and maybe we could fall in love right then and there, and maybe she would always hold my hand in public, and always smell good, and not complain that i don’t make much money, and give me the feeling that i can make anything, and tell me i’m good-looking, and make me feel like i’m the only guy in the whole world, and make me feel like i’m going places, and not be a vegetarian, but have a moral opposition to veal, and not look around the room all the time when we’re out at a restaurant, and never stay mad at me for too long, and make the coffee at least 50% of the time, and never answer her cell-phone when we’re hanging out, and not talk about her ex-boyfriends all the time, and write me silly notes sometimes and say i’m dark and mysterious even after she’s known me for a while, and not get mad when i call her when i’m drunk, and not get scared if i get really attached, and not consider it a wasted day if i don’t get out of bed, and have a pair of those knee-high leather boots somewhere in her closet, and not get mad i never remember the rules for poker, and make everything better when i have a crappy day.

so then i tried talking to her but it was awkward for some reason and i went home.’



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