out with the radiators, in with the body heat

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2009 at 5:07 pm

RMJM create loft design free from artificial heating


– stylish, affordable and eco-friendly housing which needs only body-heat to maintain a liveable temperature within;

– rooftop vegetable gardens;

– ‘zero carbon technology’ and sustainable materials will be used to reduce running costs and energy use;


– ‘Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery’ (MVHR) technology, designed by Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, combined with an exceptionally high level of air tightness, will harness and reused heat generated within the home – such as body heat and heat from household appliances – to maintain indoor air temperature at a constant level;

– MVHR negates the need for a traditional heating system in most urban areas, although it will need to be supplemented in more extreme climate conditions;

– in the summer, the dual aspect, double height loft-style and open plan living space will provide natural ventilation in high temperatures, reducing the requirement for air conditioning for hot climates;

– rain water is collected from the roof and redistributed for toilet flushing;


– low building costs, starting from 55,000 gbp;

– modular design, with shallow foundations requiring little groundwork, means that the buildings can take only five months to build;


so, when do we move in?


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