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In Uncategorized on April 6, 2009 at 11:04 am

MONDAY. To the Institute of Plasmic Arts. A talk by celebrated curator, thinker and haircut Henri Grenouille: ‘I ❤ Altermodernity’. He’s an idiot.

Why is the world of non-inhabited arts always at least a decade behind architecture? Have they only just discovered that in a globalised culture you can put exactly the same iconic shit in Toronto, Qatar or, even worse, Norwich?

Now it’s all about ‘creolisation’. This sounds like a waterproofing system but it isn’t. It’s an exploration of interstitial meaning, weaving theory and image and time and epic space around and up itself in a French accent.

There’s a Q&A. Someone asks if Altertecture will in due course supersede Auto-Modernism or whether it will kind of merge with Androtecture and iTecture to form a potentially Global Metatecture. Grenouille makes a little puffing noise. ‘In my opinion, we are constantly traversing a cultural landscape saturated with signs…we look down from our cultural aeroplane…’

The questioner – some flapping ponce holding a small dachshund in a coat with Wish I Was The White House Dog embroidered on it – nods enthusiatically. Do we require a new generation of ‘altertects’ to create pathways between multiple formats of expression and communication, say?

Mr. Grenouille squints. ‘Exactly. And these pathways must be porous…neutral…universal…’

That’s it, pub.


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