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In Uncategorized on May 5, 2009 at 10:30 pm

but my gosh don’t you just know it?


‘This is not a report from the Milan Furniture Fair. It’s more an excuse as to why I’ve never been, and perhaps a kind of lament as to why I probably never will. My only vicarious involvement is the stream of journalists’ Twitter feeds (‘Jst been to party X! Rockin’ up to party Y!’) and the Facebook updates of designers (‘Xcited 2 B launching my nu chair at A, nu bookcase at B and nu lamp at C’). It’s a shame, because it sounds fun. I mean, who wouldn’t like to hear some ageing enfant terrible tell you how great he is or see a Dutch design supremo and equally celebrated British luminary double-teaming high-class escorts? That’s what design is about right? The buzz! The thrill! The egos! The gossip! […]

There was a time when design believed it could change the world: emancipate the working class; bring hygiene and democracy to the dirty and oppressed and so on. But figuring out what design believes in now is tricky. It doesn’t really believe in itself anymore, only in its own image reflected in the ‘buzz’. We might characterise the ‘buzz’ as a cabal of the design collections of major museums, high-end magazines and the comment threads that trail appearances on design blogs.’

Rest of the article, here. Love it when architects and even architecture journalists patronize design related fields, obviously less important than theirs.

You know, the REAL thing.


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