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in case of emergency breakdance

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did you get your big coat out this week? did you? you did. we saw you – they’re everywhere. long black numbers with big collars and buttons down to the knee. and so it begins, England becomes Dickensian again until April. everyone looks like they’re off to a funeral, heads down, silent, a bit miserable. you’d think this was a ghost town. but… inside, behind the closed doors and drawn curtains, where it’s warm and the coats are flung off we’re jumping and drinking and laughing and skanking and joking.

get yourself inside, quicksmart.

a tale of two cities indeed…

the unbearable lightness of being

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you’ve never heard of me, i’ve never heard of you and we both like stuff that no one’s ever heard of. word.

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fall be kind

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from 3:10 onwards the pan flute sample used is ‘Ardeleana’ by Romanian Gheorghe Zamfir O_O

blurry thoughts tiptoeing aimlessly through my head

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dreams. nightmares. ends and beginnings. ups and downs. forests. deserts. mountaintops.
oceans. darjeeling.
wine. green. failure and success. friends.
rebuilding. revisiting.
captured moments.
moving on
and on