big jumps

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2009 at 12:27 am

singing and riding a bike go great together. a reflex, an instinct, like the jerk of your leg when the doc gives your knee a tap. just begin pedaling and in a moment the melody of a song, whatever song, just comes bubbling up and out.

sometimes it’s a song that’s been playing non-stop all week or sometimes it’s the last one played on the radio (horrible as it may be). sometimes the world is washed away by such powerful singing that the pedestrians are stopped in their tracks with dumbfounded looks, as if they’d seen a three-headed monster that was naked to boot. and sometimes so powerful is the urge to sing that the original destination is forgotten and on goes the journey, to somewhere new and unknown; the Barcelona of 1850, without an Eixample nor the traffic jams of Villa Olímpica, neither facebook nor fashion.

braking hard, feet on the ground and the moment of decision: Turn back or Stay. a look around, friendly greetings are forthcoming, the mobile goes sailing off to oblivion, and the decision of staying is made.

create your parallel world and make it reality.


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