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This has been around for a few days in the world of tweets, tumblrs, blogs and other virtual rant means of communication but it’s too good not to be shared. It might be a brilliant marketing device(an editor from Dwell?), but it definitely does its job.

Welcome to the world of the unhappy hipster. It’s awful. You’ll love it.


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Recently, Little White Lies Magazine held a competition for their Truth&Lies issue with the theme ‘Where the wild things are’. Amazing results, you can check all the winners here.

Illustrations by Meg Hunt, Natsuki Otani, Splendidhand and Dan Cullinan.

all the ugly Mondays

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when you don’t want to get out of bed, when you don’t want to work, when you don’t want to write, when you don’t know what to do next, when you’re feeling a bit lost even though you’ve got no reasons, when you stare at the ceiling until you see psychedelic coloured spots, when you don’t want to take any decisions, when you don’t take any decisions. when you don’t know what you want. when all you want is sunshine, and all you get is murky, grey rain.

for all the nasty Mondays of the year, a few songs to make things better. or worse. here.

‘There is a form of happiness that consists solely in the absence of unhappiness. It is what you see in impressionist paintings, where the afternoon light decomposes everything around and makes it so that the only thing that matters from the eternity is one moment. And why wouldn’t I believe that happiness means a present that satisfies you?’

excuses excuses

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As I’m using my watching list on ebay as an excuse not to do work (How can I lose those amazing gloves?? And they’re only 8£! For 4 pairs! ), why not use the new spring collection from Caulfield Preparatory to show you this hot photo shoot?

My thoughts exactly.

plus d’hiver

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35mm. no post-processing