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In travelling on August 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

flaky notes and thoughts written on bits of paper. visiting the van gogh museum on the 27th of august, the exact date on which he took his life 120 years ago. cycling around berlin, trying to find an art exhibition in a ww2 bunker. the berghain experience. being surpised on my 21st birthday by andra and sorana. bar 25. heat struck in the mauer park flea market. watching shooting stars in the danube delta. lanterns. lots of really good films and shorts (posted the few trailers i could find). an ace magnum exhibition at the co berlin. working for fast charity in sacele and designing a summer pavilion in the meantime.

that’s what i’ve been up to so far. about 6 films are patiently waiting to be developed, but i’m afraid they’ll have to wait as i’m leaving for the venice biennale on wednesday.

exciting times, ay?

  1. este chiar frumos acest post

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