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Glas Paper

In architecture on January 15, 2011 at 1:17 pm

GLAS is a co-operative of architects, teachers, writers and urban activists

GLAS is committed to fighting all manifestations of sociospatial inequality, exploitation and deprivation

GLAS produces multi-media critical works and design ideas that promote a radical social and political rethinking of how we make and experience buildings and cities

GLAS is engaged in a critique of the capitalist production and use of the built environment

GLAS is committed to the dissemination of its ideas to as wide an audience as possible, exploring a broad range of communication techniques GLAS aims to offer free professional advice and assistance to individuals and social groups engaged in struggles to transform their environmentGLAS is organised around the political principles of temporary existence and of collective self management and ownership of assets and ideas



…and Glas Paper embodies all the points above stated through critical articles (each issue is themed around one idea) and beautiful infographics and diagrams.

Definitely worth reading.