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it happened one December…

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…or the story of how I was miserably defeated by the joined forces of bad weather and human stupidity.

I had planned for the winter holidays to visit a friend in Vienna on the 18th of December and then to head home for Christmas like any other international student on the 21st. My plans were delayed from the start as a 3 am text from BA read that my flight due the next day was cancelled due to averse weather conditions. ‘Averse weather conditions?’, I ask myself innocently. The answer to that came after a quick check on MetOffice that informed me of the presence of 5 cm of snow in south London. 5 cm, not 10, not 50. Foolishly, I go ahead with my plans of travelling to London and go through the emotional roller-coaster of leaving-not-leaving for five days, over which I had the pleasure of having six flights cancelled.

By that point I had given up the idea of going back to Romania and just enjoyed the time spent with friends and family in London, until I said to myself ‘I’ll try to rebook one last time’. The ‘one last time’ proved to be fatal and you will see why exactly.

I left Heathrow on the fresh morning of the 23rd to Brussels where I had an evening connection to Budapest, where a family friend was supposed to pick me up in order to to get to Oradea from where I had a morning flight for Bucharest. Looking back, the plan sounds bonkers from the very beginning, but at that time it looked like only an exciting adventure before Christmas. Adventure I wanted, adventure I got…

…As it started snowing heavily in Brussels. We got on the plane at 8 pm and waited for a flight approval until 3 am, when we were finally told that we’re not going anywhere. After we got off the plane tired, groggy and very pissed off, I ended up in a random arrivals room where all the suitcases from all the cancelled flights were sent without any information regarding where they were coming from or where they were supposed to go. After trekking through an enormous amount of unidentified suitcases I finally found mine (and promised myself I’ll never, ever check-in luggage for short-haul flights) and moved on to the next chapter of the chaos: rebooking the flight.

After queueing for about an eternity and a half, I was the next in line after a girl that seemed not to understand anything she was being explained, her reason for being on Earth, or the fact that she was making all the people behind her hate her with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Including myself. By that point (6 am), I was feeling very ill and tired. So, I went up and asked the woman to hurry up as I was not feeling quite well. The reply was ‘we can only serve one at a time and if you feel ill there is a doctor….’. I didn’t manage to hear the last part of the sentence as I vomited over her counter. Mostly orange juice, and I did warn her.

This incident aside, I rebooked the flight for 10 am and managed to get an hour’s sleep behind a closed check-in counter. At 8 am, when I was supposed to check in for the rescheduled 10 am flight, they couldn’t find the names of the people from the cancelled flight in the system. And while we were in for good news, they announced that the airport was closed till 12 pm so that they can clean all the snow. To top everything, I also got into a fight with some women, as they had the impression I skipped the queue for check-in, fact that just made me regret I could not vomit on comand…

We finally got on the plane around 1 pm and left for Budapest, but because the flight was late, the people in Budapest thought I wouldn’t make it for my re-rescheduled connection to Bucharest so they just cancelled my ticket and moved it for the 26th. 20 bloody 6th.

So I had my chance to say Cartman’s favourite line, ‘screw you guys, I’m going home!’ and I took a minibus to Timisoara and then made it to the overnight train for Bucharest and finally arrived just in time for Christmas day – even though I slept through most of it.

The mad holiday plans continued, and 48 hours after I arrived I left on a 15 hour drive with the final destination Innsbruck, where I spent New Years, followed by another 5 hour drive on the 3rd of January in order to make for the Milan – Manchester flight.

And now I’m finally back in Sheffield, which is also why I’m writing all this: avoiding getting work done.


want want want

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this beautiful iphone case / wallet

this series of city guides

enough time to listen to all the podcasts in the BBC 4 In Our Time series

and this join the dots 2011 diary:


Beach House and compulsive cross-hatching

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As these days seem to be busier than ever, writing about¬† Japan has become nr. 1 priority on the ‘to-do-in-my-inexistent-free-time’ list. There’s so much more to say about it but at the same time there’s so much more that I need to be doing. So, enough with the excuses, I’ll just post a few random things that I liked in the past month, and in a post to come, more 120 mm photos from Berlin that I’ve just developed.


What happened to downtime?

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Clinging on to summer was never a good idea. Especially when it’s already October. At the moment I’m just trying to get my head around school matters so I’ll post a few random things until I can try and summarise the past months and get the films developed.

Until then, enjoy the new Animal Collective video to one of my all-time favourite songs, Bluish, the Belle and Sebastian show on their new single (Write about love), and a little teaser.

P.S.: if you haven’t seen this alreay, you have to!

Talk soon,


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