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SonntagsZeitung Campaign

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Le tour du monde en 80 secondes

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80 secondes

1 tour de monde

32600 km et environ

3 semaines

7 villes et 6 pays

7 guides lonley planet

50 taxis

8 images/secondes

1 terre

1 bras magique

random got smart part 5yghf45^*&^%$£D

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il n’y a pas de petite pollution – surfrider foundation europe

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This has been around for a few days in the world of tweets, tumblrs, blogs and other virtual rant means of communication but it’s too good not to be shared. It might be a brilliant marketing device(an editor from Dwell?), but it definitely does its job.

Welcome to the world of the unhappy hipster. It’s awful. You’ll love it.